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Michael Haynes - Historic Art


"The" Lewis & Clark Book!

"Lewis & Clark: Tailor Made, Trail Worn: Army Life, Clothing & Weapons of the Corps of Discovery"

by Robert J. Moore, Jr. and Michael Haynes

Color Illustrated with Sources and Index

Farcountry Press © 2003

10.5" x 10", 288 pgs


To create this book Robert J. Moore, Jr. and Michael Haynes have blended their respective training in history and art –– and added their share of love of living-history presentations and researching archives and museum holdings.

The result is this generously illustrated and solidly documented book, the definitive work on clothing and accoutrements of the Lewis and Clark Expedition from the summer of 1803 to triumphant completion in September 1806.

Many sources are quoted generously throughout the text, and are used to guarantee the accuracy of Haynes' sketches and paintings. Importantly, Moore and Haynes create the context in which the expedition operated. They detail soldiers' daily routine in forts and cantonments of the United States' western frontier in 1803, and the theory behind military necessities like uniformity in appearance and visible identification of rank. This context further highlights a major reason for the expedition's success: the inventive captains' versatility in adopting convenient styles and materials found along their path.


––"This book is the first to look at this 'Corps of Discovery' for what it was, a military expedition 'rooted in the traditions and restrictions of the U.S. Army dress and decorum'. I recommend it highly."

–– William L. Brown III, Historian, NPS, Harper's Ferry

–– "I received your book yesterday...Marvelous, absolutely marvelous!!! The size, artwork, color and Michael's incredible talent, just marvelous!!!...Bob, your book...is simply astounding, wonderful, great. It is impressive..."

–– Sherman Fleek, Ret. U.S. Army

–– "There is now important literature for Lewis and Clark. To understand the Expedition as a military enterprise, its preparations and to seek information on period military clothing, there is a new authoritative book that is a must read!..."

–– Donald L. Hastings, Jr., Expedition historian

–– "This new book...will help replace the myth that all the men on the expedition were dressed in buckskins. The Corps of Discovery was not a bunch of backwoods men who looked like Fess Parker in their cookskin caps and tricorn hats, trying to look like Daniel Boone...You will not find the TV version of Lewis and Clark within these pages...Take a long look at this book, it is destined to become a classic among the volumes of books written about the Lewis and Clark Expedition."




Bring the most accurate vision of the Lewis and Clark Expedition to your classroom or interpretive center in a durable, easy to use and store package.

Selected by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the State of Illinois for their Lewis and Clark Traveling Trunks.

Drawing on newly researched documents, period paintings and the journals of the Expedition, this series of prints is the best, most accurate view of how the members of the Lewis and Clark Expedition actually looked. In partnership with noted historian Robert Moore, Michael Haynes has meticulously rendered individuals wearing the correct uniform for each branch of service involved in the Corps of Discovery. The uniforms of Captains Meriwether Lewis and William Clark are depicted as well as the Infantry, Artillery and the 15 unique uniforms Lewis had manufactured in Philadelphia for his recruits. The paintings of Sacagawea, York and guide George Drouillard are thoroughly researched and depict specific moments in the Expedition.

To create a lasting guide there is a full description of the uniform and biographical material written by Bob Moore on the back of each print.

Each 8.5" x 11" titled print is reproduced in full color on archival paper and is individually laminated with 5.0 mil laminate to create a virtually indestructible picture that will last through years of heavy use. The entire set of 8 prints is packaged in a durable Tyvec envelope which is finished in a linen weave for a period look. Shipped in one of three random envelope colors: Burgundy, Navy Blue, Black.

$120 per set plus S&H

Each set includes:

Tyvec envelope with 8.5" x 11" laminated prints of Capts.Wm. Clark & M. Lewis, Corps of Artillery, 1st U.S. Infantry, Recruited Private, Sacagawea, York, and George Drouillard

A typical print, front (L) and back (R)

Corps of Artillery
Capt. William Clark
Capt. Meriwether Lewis
Prints in Envelope
1st U.S. Infantry