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The rarest and most valuable pieces of art for a private collector or museum are original paintings. Often purchased on a commission basis these pieces are created on a neutral base of board coated with a matte medium. Glazes of watercolor paints are applied atop one another with a sealant fixed between each glaze. Each watercolor pigment is selected for it's quality and lightfastness to ensure a piece of art that will last. A final varnish coating protects and enhances the surface of the artwork. This exacting technique is unique to Michael's paintings and creates the richness and clarity of color that are one of the signatures of his work. Original paintings are unequaled for combining aesthetic pleasure with maximum investment.


Hand signed and consecutively numbered, these prints faithfully capture the beauty of the original painting in a more affordable format. Each image is photographically scanned and adjusted by the artist to recreate the accuracy of detail, then printed in six colors using the Giclee method. This printing technique requires much more handwork than traditional lithography, but the results are worth the extra care. Each print is hand pulled on heavy, acid free watercolor paper. The inks are archival quality and have been laboratory tested to remain true to their original color for up to two hundred years if properly maintained. The result is an investment quality work of art that will give pleasure and inform generations to come. As with all prints, these should be properly mounted. To enhance the collector's knowledge, a copy of the artist's notes on the research and description of the scene accompanies each print.

Michael Reviewing Art
Open Edition Prints


Open edition prints such as The Uniforms and Dress of Lewis and Clark's Corps of Discovery series are printed using traditional lithography. These prints are smaller and are not limited to a particular edition size but they still retain the highest standards of quality printing. They are created on 80# archival card stock and then varnished to retain the vivid colors. To create a lasting guide for the serious interpreter or collector, there is a written description on the back of each print.


Occasionally original pencil sketches or drawings created in preparation for a particular painting become available for sale. These are absolutely one of a kind and are highly prized by collectors as a way to own a more affordable original. These drawings are signed by the artist and sometimes may bear notes or corrections used in the development of each character or scene. To display an original drawing beside its limited edition print creates a truly unique collectible. These drawings, which vary in size and complexity, offer an interesting insight into the creation of the art.



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